Law Association of Trinidad & Tobago
Law Association of Trinidad & Tobago
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The Law Association of Trinidad & Tobago is a body corporate established under Section 3 of the Legal Profession Act 1986. Its membership consists of practitioner and non- practitioner members as well as honorary members.

The Association is governed by a duly constituted Council (First Schedule, Part A), comprising eighteen (18) members, namely, the President, the Vice- President, and the Treasurer, ten (10) Senior Ordinary members, and five (5) Junior Ordinary members. The Council exercises and performs such functions, duties and powers as are imposed or conferred upon it by the empowering Act.

The Council is the governing and executive body of the Association and is responsible for the general management and conduct of the affairs of the Association, as well as the performance of its functions.

The members of the Council are elected each year at an Annual General Meeting held in March, for a term of one year.

To better understand the governance of the Law Association please see the downloadable version of the Legal Profession Act which outlines its structure and purpose:


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